Premium Pool

  • Download 1815
  • Updated 24 August 2016
  • Version 1.0.1
  • Size 14.22 MB
  • Producer Iceflake Studios, Ltd
Premium Pool is a smooth and enjoyable way to play billiards on your Android device. Practice in single player against AI and then put your skills into use in a wide range of different custom locations online in single matches or in epic tournament mode. You can also challenge your friends in local pass 'n' play style matches. In Premium Pool everything can be customized. Gather credits from your wins and change the cue, table, cloth and balls to your liking from a vast collection of beautifully designed equipment. Who wouldn’t want to play with a royally designed table on the beach? Or use one of the uniquely designed cues in a casino? Finally personalize your character by selecting one of the awesome theme characters in the game.


* Online multiplayer
* Local multiplayer - Pass 'n' play
* Single player
* 8 Ball
* Tournament mode
* Super smooth touch screen controls
* Specially themed game rooms
* Customize every equipment
* Awesome set of avatars
* Chat with your competitor
* Player rank
* Option to fast forward; no need to wait all balls to settle down to continue playing

Future updates
Regular content updates will be released for the game. For example, challenges, new equipment and game locations. Also new game modes like 9 ball and snooker are in development.