• Download 3713
  • Updated 10 July 2014
  • Version 1.4.0
  • Size 25 MB
  • Producer APPCROSS
★ Wait, come and play Bingo Pang here!
You've come across one of the toughest puzzle game ever!
Shall we play it together?

★ What on earth is the 'ICE'?
Similar looks but totally different block!
With an Ice-block in between, blocks will not pop!
Clink Clink! Break them by tapping!

★ All puzzle games are simple?
Just simply connect 3 blocks? No way!
You should break the ice, collect more than 4 blocks and make an Item!
Better put your thinking cap on to get high scores!

★ Tough Ranking Competition!
Enjoy the game and compete with your friends!
Once you loosen up, you will be beaten by your friend!
If you are looking for a special puzzle game, don’t hesitate.
Try it right now!